Breast Screening

Information for women who may have missed an invitation to a screen

Some women aged between 70 and 79 are being offered the opportunity for a breast screen. This is because some women did not receive an invitation for a final screen, as part of the routine NHS Breast Screening Programme.

The Breast Screening Programme usually invites women to have a screen once every 3 years when aged between 50 and 70 (up to their 71st birthday). This means women will usually receive their final screen sometime between their 68th and 71st birthdays.

All affected women registered with a GP will receive a letter by the end of May with further information.

A helpline is also available: 0800 169 2692.

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Breast Screening: Mammography

Telephone: 01582 497599

Who is it for?

  • Women aged 50 – 70 years (registered with a GP)
  • Self-referral over 70

What is the test?

  • Mammogram – 2 x-rays of each breast


  • At special clinics or mobile breast screening units
    Telephone: 01582 497599

The Benefits of Breast Cancer Screening

  • Evidence suggests breast screening reduces the number of deaths from
    breast cancer by about 1,300 a year in the UK.
  • Breast cancers found by screening are generally at an early stage. Early
    stage breast cancers are more likely to be cured and may need less
  • 99% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest
    stage (stage I) survive their cancer for 5 years or more.